More than 300 organisations have used the Black Leadership Job Board posting over 2000 vacancies since its launch in March 2023.

A collaboration between leading recruitment firm Morgan Hunt and the not-for-profit organisation Black Leadership Group, the job board was created to enable potential employers to reach a wide pool of qualified *Black professionals across the UK.

Key Achievements

  • Successful Launch: Launched in March 2023 as a free platform, the Black Leadership Job Board has played a pivotal role in addressing the lack of black representation in leadership roles across the UK. The collaboration between Morgan Hunt and Black Leadership Group aimed to provide employers with access to a wide pool of qualified Black professionals, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • User Engagement: The platform has garnered significant user engagement, with more than two-thirds (69%) of current users expressing their intent to continue using the Board even after the introduction of competitive fees in early 2024.
  • Addressing Disparities: Black employees hold just 1.5 per cent of top management roles in the UK private sector while the proportion of black leaders in the public sector remains static at 1 per cent. The Black Leadership Job Board aims to bridge this gap by offering a platform where talents are recognised and valued, fostering representative workforces at all levels.


Due to the overwhelming usage of the job board, we reached out to a website development organisation specialising in building job boards to build an all-new platform with brand-new features for both clients and candidates.

Robin Landman OBE CCMI, Founder and Board Director at Black Leadership Group, said:

‘The BLG is really excited to move on to the next phase of our Job Board, run in partnership with Morgan Hunt. The new job board is a real step up for both advertisers and end users, it is a sophisticated tool that can be self-serviced by organisations with job opportunities, and by job hunters who can maintain and update their  professional profiles . We’re confident that this new version will be a step up for all und users.

All-New Features

Client Features

  • Live job advert data, including views and applications
  • Assign company roles with varying permissions
  • Edit job adverts as often as needed
  • Build a comprehensive company profile to highlight organizational strengths
  • Purchase additional job credits with ease
  • ATS Integration

Candidate Features

  • View live job data, including alerts and applications
  • Upload and manage CV effortlessly
  • Set up job alerts for personalized notifications
  • Bookmark job adverts for future applications
  • Quick job application functionality for a seamless process


Catherine Wynn, Marketing Lead at Morgan Hunt, said:

“We were keen to build a platform with user design in mind, so it’s simple and easy to use for any using the job board, clients, and candidate alike. With the new features we’ve included we’re positive the platform is as user friendly as possible.”

New Pricing Structure

With the launch of the new platform, we have introduced a new payment model. This is to ensure the sustainability and growth of the job board, enabling us to execute targeted campaigns and improve SEO, ultimately enhancing the visibility of all job adverts on the platform.

Black Leadership Group Affiliate

  • £97 per single job advert
  • £2,500 x50 job adverts
  • £5,000 unlimited job adverts pa

Non-Affiliate Organisation

  • £150 per single job advert
  • £3,250 x50 job adverts
  • £6,500 unlimited job adverts pa


Clare Keniry, Board Director and Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Morgan Hunt, said:

‘The launch of this new Black Leadership Job Board platform is just the next step in Morgan Hunt’s ongoing partnership with the Black Leadership Group – it marks an important next step in our joint goal to promote more leadership opportunities to Black talent and to support those organisations across the UK who are determined to tackle the lack of diversity within their leadership teams

To fully unveil the Black Leadership Job Board, we will be hosting an educational webinar with the Black Leadership Group to run though why we built it, the new features, our plans going forward and the incredible value of diverse leadership. Stay tuned!

The Black Leadership Job Board invites organisations and individuals to explore the platform and join the movement towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at